Top 10


1 academy strangers
2 wyldling
3 barefoot runners
4 bradykinin
5 into the fire
6 jon wood
7 ideamen
8 kitty and the lost boys
9 the sharp darts
10 these reigning days


This weeks and the XRPmas top ten WAS:

10: Magnitude:
The filthiest grittiest fullest range of dirt smushed into musical format and produced in so crisp its tighter than……

9: Buried From Below:
The most agressive sound you will have ever heard, played the XRPalooza, crowd pleasers and ear destroying metal

8: Luis Drayton
They call him a MotherF’@$@!R…….and this may or may not be a true thing, the only sure thing is……….it.

7: Occoeur
Voted the 2nd best band out of around 700 and due to play the glastonbuget festival next year. XRP Favourites and destined to go far, great melodys and hard hitting new rock feel.

6: Leemus
Dark and filthy, neichstep he calls it, we call it dirty filthy disgusting foul ear rotting scum……and we LOVE IT 😀

5: Kitty and The Lost Boys
a beautiful group of people making a beautiful sound, some happy, some fun, some sad, a choon to fit every emotion perfectly.

4: Junction23
Massive sounding indie rock defined by fucky bass and hard hitting grooves. an old favourite and a strong band.

3: Bradykynin
Indie music that takes you on a journey, entices you in and leaves you needing to listen again, so many sounds and all in the right places from this trip/rock/pop band

2: Mezzotonic
THE FUNKIEST FUNK ROCK BAND THE MIDLANDS HAS TO OFFER, if not the UK if not the world. these guys are as good live as there awesomely funky recordings. A MUST SEE AND HEAR

1: Barefoot Runners
A repeat shower in the XRP Top 10 Chards and a band NEVER TO BE MISSED! if you see they are gonna play near you, GO AND SEE THEM! strong and catchy music and a fun bunch of guys! DONT MISS EM!

All these bands can be requested for the rest of the night on XRPRadio and during thursday and sundays live shows 16:00-MIDNIGHT!


1 barefoot runeers
2 into the fire
3 boner
4 duhbsy
5 fearless vampire killers
6 gigsaw lp
7 jon wood
8 lee rice
9 wyldling
10 SMS

18/11/2012 pop assassins
2 for the kill
3 jo hamilton
4 law of the chord
5 dusty moonan
6 evil masquerade
7 dogtown
8 funk pumpkins
9 condensia
10 bradykinin


dusty moonan
funk pumpkins
chuck eaton
barefoot runners
hello dear monster


1. bradykinin
2. condensia
3. evil masqurerade
4. dutch cousin
5. for the kill
6. i.f.u
7. funk pumpkins
8. ian james
9. last miles of galaxy
10. jester


1. caleb
2. jester
3. last miles of galaxy
4. dusty moonan
5. evil masquarade
6. dogtown
7. chuck eaton
8. wyldling
9. hello dear monster
10. axis mundi


1) inmyheart
2) caleb
3) dusty moonan
4) jester
5) last miles of galaxy
6) dogtown
7) chuck eaton
glasses8) dutch cousin
9) hello dear monster
10) black page turns


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