This Weeks Top 10!



10: Ideamen
Intense, crazy, mental production progrock band, synths, crazy lyrics, stupendous riffs and extreme progressions will take you on a journey through….well we dont exactly know what…BUT WE LIKE IT

9: Hayley Is A Hitman
Ruthlessly heavy music, something to rip anything off that isn’tsecured with gaffa tape. An onslaught of sound awaits you, mind yer eardrums!

8: 4Fingaz
A new artist and first time entry into the top 10 charts, very on the pulse pop vibe from him, fantastically produced beats with the smoothest of flows on top. Its nice to have some decent urban music in our chart….

7: For the Kill
Last weeks number one, and an XRPalooza player, this band are sure to blow you away. Great performers giving any venue the ‘party feel’ as they take over the stage. Amazingly constricted rock music for the current times.

6: Luis Drayton
What can we say about luis? genius or madman? i think eventually we will need to put it to a vote 😉 we love him none the less, with genius lyrics to troll anyone away hes somehow become a repeat show in the top 10.

5: Plastic Barricades
This weeks top ten sees quite a few new entries, the pastic barricades being another one of them. Well constructed light indie grooves lay beneath smooth vocals to ease your day.

4: The Renounds
Another new band to both XRP and the top ten. With that hard wall of sound feel without distracting quality sounds. Well constructed riffs and beats from this five piece from surrey.

3: Kitty and The Lost Boys
It almost wouldn’t be an XRP Radio top ten show without Kitty an the boys being an entrant, we would be tempted to say these guys are XRP listeners FAVOURITE band! and we love em, we’ve seen em go from punk to folk and a few places inbetween, and its all GREAT!

2:Jake Aldridge
YET ANOTHER new artists to both XRP and the TOP 10 (crazyness) more urban music with the beautifully crafted beats and one of the best flows we have ever heard from an independent artist. Keep an eye on this guy, it wont be long before hes in the Mainstream! [just dont get signed to some crap major jake!!!]

1: The Puzzlers
Puzzlers and Puzzlerettes, Confusers and Confounders beware, The puzzlers have came, and they are here to stay! Purely Punk and Pure entertainment, we can see these hovering around our top ten for some time to come 😉


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