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www.twinkleandthesluts.co.uk – Download your FREE track!

Twinkle – Vocals
Curlz – Drums
Alex – Guitar
Ash – Bass

“Biting your face off with horrible riffs, thrashing drum beats, smash your ribcage in bass lines and wash-your-mouth-out-with soap lyrics; Twinkle & The Sluts are living proof that there are still bands out there who don’t aspire to be Simon Cowell’s new bitch.
Not the kind of band to take home to your mother, they leave radio-friendly rock quaking in their tiny Topman plimsolls/ espadrilles or whatever new and ridiculously unpractical way of covering your feet trend there is, and are fast becoming a band who is getting recognised on the scene (not just for their imaginative band name).”

Lets talk facts:
– Four piece female fronted band, covering the rock, punk and grunge genres
– Together for just over a year on the scene
Bringing together influences like: Siouxsie and The Banshees; Dillinger Escape Plan; X-Rey Spex; The Doors and Queens of The Stone Age, the sound that the band have got is not one that can be pigeonholed easily.

Recording, mixing and producing our self-titled EP in our own studio (Slutboxx Studios) we strongly believe in doing everything (where possible) ourselves. Nothing worth doing is easy and we put everything we have into the band.
In July 2012 we signed a management deal with Soundbar Entertainment who have been working with us closely ever since.

So why should you give Twinkle & The Sluts a listen?
Sure; we won’t get the “hipsters” away from their retro-disguised I-pads at a first glance (until someone finds out we are underground .. then they’ll all come running)
And we won’t be a nice Paramore-esque clone that is generally lovely
but we don’t want to. We want to play to the kids that are equally pissed off, broke and tired of listening to the same old regurgitated fluff on the radio; proving that you don’t have to do your shirt up to the top button to produce a good riff, and bringing back an age where no one cares what you had for dinner on Facebook and instead of watching clips of your favourite band, you actually go and watch them, and just maybe buy a copy of their album instead of pirate it.
Check us out and you will be hooked from the moment Twinkle says Miaow!






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