Look at how all the other bands have communicated with the promotor you want attention from. See what they want and who they react to, and more importantly what they get pissed off with. Try and avoid any confrontation and put yourself across as effectively as possible without going past the ‘novel’ mark especially when using social media tools. Remember twitter, facebook and the alike are public forms, before hastily typing or C+Ping to hundreds of pages, try speaking to each one specifically and see how much further it will get you.

Moreover INTEGRATE yourselves in the scene if your taking all the promotion but not giving any in return, you will tend to fizzle of the promotions ladder.

AND REMEMBER: most of us independent and unsigned professionals do actually talk to eachother. Dont think ‘theres hundreds more out there’….we work together and promote together, we all have bands in common so dont get pissed off and agressive just because on DJ doesn’t like your music, say thanks for the critique and move on. AND If you come back with improvements that DJ will sure be impressed!



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