Being played on many stations is fantastic but can confuse your closer fans. If you know a station suits you more and has the best and most up-to-date info about you, direct fans there. Dont stop promoting the other stations, but a unified place for your fans is always best! there are TENS OF THOUSANDS of shows and programmes out there so do your research first and see which stations and promotors get on with eachother!

Hear This! Promotions – Metal and mostly heavy stuff – US
B’s R.S.M. Promotions – Indie, Rock, Metal – UK
Manilla PR Ltd – Indie, Rock, Pop + RNB – UK
SKE Records – Hip Hop Production co – US
Q The Question – Hip Hop + Urban – US
ELT Records – Mainly rock and heavy metal – UK
Stormblaze Entertainment (United Kingdom) Limited – Rock and heavy UK
The Audio Burger – programmers and reviews in many genres – UK
XRP Radio – Full 24/7 programmed and live radio station with MANY DJs and Reviewers to deal with your music, encoumpases most things, based in the UK but working globally with DJs all over the world – Find the right show for you!


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