Invite promotors to your events and gigs. I know my personal profile events tab is looked upon by various fans AND professionals looking for unsigned and independent events to go to regularly. Some will feature these in a gig guide! If you know a station had the demographic for your country and they have a live show on the night of your gig, give them a nudge. I know me for one would rather the listeners be out at a live event than sitting glaring at the screen.

I myself will join all events so can keep everyone else up to date on progress

MOST OF ALL – MAKE SURE YOU CONTACT ALL THE PROMOTORS YOU USE IF A GIG IS CANCELLED AND PUT UP PUBLIC NOTIFICATIONS! – some promotors will advertise your gigs for you even if you havent asked 😉 dont make them look like dicks!

Leave your events page up after your gig and people can post feedback, maybe even make a group for ‘the followers of ==band name==’ so they can post notes an reviews of the gigs they follow. im ever awaiting to see ‘the confusers unite’ from The Puzzlers orJake’s Cobras 😉



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