XRP Top 10

10: Zophia
Lovley smooth singer song writer here, great lyrics, great music with a real easy listening feel to it. Absolutely stunning and a must hear!

9: 4Fingaz
A new artist and first time entry into the top 10 charts, very on the pulse pop vibe from him, fantastically produced beats with the smoothest of flows on top. Its nice to have some decent urban music in our chart….

8: For the Kill
Fantastic energy fuelled and full of life, this band are heavy as can be without the need to scream down the mic and will get you bouncing around like you never have before.

7: Plastic Barricades
Recent entrance to XRP and the top ten, but holding there place strong, indie to chill to, laid back and intriguing, the best kind for a nice evening out or a chillax in the bath.

6: Twinkle and The Sluts
Slutty sleazy punky rock of the best proportions, and we were lucky enough to have them in the studio this week and during this show! – you WILL get the most discusting songs STUCK in your head like its gangnam style, but this time your gonna be luvvin it like the filthy music lovers you are 😉

5: The Renounds
Again another recent entry and recent band into the XRP. Propper rock n roll at its best. For the old school rocker or the new school listener everyone should have some renounds in the collection.

4: Luis Drayton
What can we say! apparently you lot LOVE the guy, stuck in the poll and clinging to his position like selotape to itself and like a sore thumb 😉 theres a little bit of luis in everybody….tho you might not want him there.

3: Kitty and The Lost Boys
Well what can we say, possibly the most liked people both musically and socially that XRP have ever met. Going from punk to acoustic and a few places in-between, there some kitty for everyone, you just need to listen and you’ll find it

2: Jake Aldridge – Cobra
Its been nice to have some decent more urban in the charts, XRP are music appreciators, were not bothered about genre and we dont think you should be either! We LOVE jake and we’re proud to have such a fantastic MC in our charts. All you rockers out there give him a go, we guarantee you’ll love him!

1: The Puzzlers
BOOM what can we say, the world bloody loves em, strait into no. 1 and holding it strong for weeks now, were just interested to see what will happen when the polls refresh at the end of the month! – a great band with great fans and a great ethic, become a puzzler and they you will see 😉

The TOP TEN ARTISTS are promoted by Hear This! Promotions – Helping extending the social promotions of the best unsigned and independent musicians across the globe!



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