Coming AT YOUR FACE this afternoon

4PM : Tagged! – 
Tag your band on this status for airplay, also playing submissions from the past week! submit your music to submissions@xrpradio.co.uk (please make sure tracks are ID3 tagged with a note giving permission to play)

5:30PM: The Top 10! – 
vote here for your favourite XRP artists and give them the chance to have a 4 track back to back @ #1!!http://xrptop10.questionpro.com/

7PM Reeplay – 
female fronted, metal dirtyness and submitted awesomeness (submit tracks @ ree@xrpradio.co.uk using he same guidelines as above)

9PM The Late Night Mash-up – 
A mixture of XRP favourites, acoustic sessions, skype interviews and INSTANT AIRPLAY for you lovelies that jump in ye olde chat box!!!

you’d be silly to miss out.

Join us over @ www.xrpradio.co.uk or www.xrpradio.co.uk/mobilefor all you portable genius’.

🙂 ♥ Reexxxx


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