1. Crimson Trace Brighton UK

New 3 piece band, with melodic guitars, driving bass and drums, Crimson trace incorporate heavy screaming vocals with whispers and spacey guitars!


2 Auriemma – Pacific Northwest – Indie/Accoustic

Groovy, laid back, chilling, jammed out vibes that couldn’t sound any cooler! Not since sublime has a track that started with the sound of bubbling water sounded so good


3. Joshua Walker – Manila, Philippines

Smooth vocals over dance beats with a very different feel to the mass of commercial dance music out there and a new favorite to the chatbox!


4. Markradonn

Ripp your face off, ruthless and epic. if they dont leave an imprint in your memory, they will certainly leave some blood in your eardrums.


5. Know Hope – Richmond, Michigan

Punchy indie pop that will catch your tongue and have you shouting em out whilst your cleaning or on the way to work.


6 From Her Eyes – Wales, UK

Crazy melodic awesome metalcore here! Some fantastic riffs, ballistically hard rhythm section and catchy yet shouty vocals over the top bring you not only a ruthless sound, but a catchy one too!


7. Kitty and the Lost Boys UK

A mixture of pop, punk and folk, Kitty is such a versatile band! conqouring every genre with sickly sweet vocals, pretty, driving riffs. Showcased on BBC Introducing, this band will go far!


8. The Puzzlers – Scotland, UK

No.1 For 5 Weeks running previously, one of our favourites, thrashy raw punky scottish music, and the best of it! Some catchy, some raw with feeling. Listen, Smile, And Enjoy.


9. Barilium

Hailing from sweden with only one goal in mind. To create some fast, aggressive and heavy death metal without losing touch with melodies. With evil riffs that’ll haunt your soul we roam the fields like wolves among sheep. – Pure fuc*ing metal.


10. Embracing Soul – Ontario, Canada

Another canadian entry to the top ten with a similar vain of ideas but with a harder more grounded rock feel to them. The two bands would suit doing gigs together and wouldn’t be surprised if they already had!



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