New Radio show coming to XRP Radio.. Transatlantic Sound System – a.k.a THE COMPLEX PROJECT!

We are sad to see the end of much loved band Twinkle and the Sluts, though we have been assured that other projects are under way 🙂

Joshua Walker is looking for other artists to collaborate with, visit

Gethin Lewis would like to share his musical projects,


Abandoned World @ Skärsätragården in Sweden on 13/4/13

Crimson Trace @ Sticky Mikes Brighton – 20/4/13

Occouer are playing Route 44, Acocks Green on 3rd May, pop along and see how good they really are!!

New Releases

 For the Kill NEW ALBUM OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Album: “Masterful Madness” recently released; available on iTunes, Amazon and many more…


“3 PHASE” – breath. Lyric Video in HD

“Very Impressive, Cracking Band” (TotalRock Radio)
“Their Shows Are Full Of Energy And Great Songs” The Classic Rock Society.


Free Downloads


Under The Radar! – Blue Dream

Head Over to to download some more awesome free tracks!!

Lucks Lane – Download

Take Me To The Edge

Head over to to download some more awesome tracks

“It Ain’t Enough” has been temporarily made available as a FREE download over @

Download Giskard’s debut album @


The Disastronots merch is available through their website

Buried From Below are releasing a t-shirt line!


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