This months Band of the Month and also Chatboxing winner on XRP Radio!

This Months Band of the Month is a band that:

  • Stayed at number 2 in the XRPRadio Top 10 for 6 weeks
  • Are the most recent chatboxing winner (21/7/13)
  • And who describe themselves as ‘a pop-rock-blues quartet that´s slowly becoming a circus blues act.’

Its….Rolin Humes!

Rolin Humes is a pop / rock / blues quartet that is slowly becoming a circus blues act .
Comprised of four individuals , influenced by many different cultures , societies and music genres , Rolin Humes soon became much more than just a childish dream .
The band , in it’s present form , came together during a blues session , when for the first time ,
four young musicians , felt the power of immediate musical and personal understanding .
We kept sharing and spreading that essence on our live shows and finally got it
materialized on our first record that is entitled

“Rolin Humes welcomes you to the Penultimate Supper 6/8” .So, welcome .


Click below to listen to “hero’ on soundcloud, where you can also find their collective works.




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