This Weeks Top 10


1: Cengiztheband – London, UK – Punk?

Thrashy, punky and in your face. All we know is he REALLY doesn’t like Christina. Poor Girl!


⇈2: Mack AAO – Atlanta, GA – Urban

Slick as the last oilspill to close down the M25, some top quality production and seriously sweet lyrics with this top class urban artist from georgia.


3: Tacit Fury – Stalingrad, RUS – Death Metal

Previously holding the no.1 Place on XRP for around 6 weeks, a seriously heavy band for those who like their ears ripped strait off.


4: FreakFood – Medway, UK – Pop Punk

If freakfood don’t get you bouncing and happy, nobody will. The perfect party music or anthem to your summer parties to remember for years to come. 


5: Philtrum – Medway, UK – ‘Some kinda Punk’

Not your average punk band, with some strong riffs and catchy choruses, its not just headbangging punk, its punk with soul 


6: tenek – Sussex, UK – Electronica

Tenek make music beautiful, pure beats, liquid lines and smooth and beautiful vocals to overlay it all. This music is purely exquisite.


7: 714 – Memphis, TN – Rock ‘n’ Roll

The rockiest of rolls, great guitar licks and solid beats drive the hard rocking band strait into yer eardrums with that toe-tappin beat that gets you through that drive time drag! a perfect for the morning playlist.


8: The Lost Will Follow – Mount Ephraim, NJ – Indie

A good ol fav of the XRPRadio over the past month and their first (and well overdue) appearance in the top 10 charts. Quality produced and catchy indie rock from this really great band.


9: Tavú – San Juan, Puerto Rico – Metal

As dubbed tonight by the chatbox ‘Spanish Slipknot’ – does what it says on the tin in the most extreme way, the tin is left rusted, dented and completely unuseable. Listen in a big open space and swing your arms around a lot and you will be a happy little fella 


10: Descendsion – Weirton, WV -Alternative/Hard Rock


A great band, very live show driven, playing with the likes of drowning pool, you can see this band are destined to do well in the alternative scene, and repeat offenders of our top 10 charts.

↔ Place Held
↓ Place Dropped
⇈ Strait In @
↑ Place Risen

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