Ree-View 23/07/2013

Rees Pick!

Good evening everyone!

Every week i am going to submit a Rees Pick band as part of Ree-Views! Bands reviewed here have been picked as they have done something specifically amazing in the week!

Here is a little taste of what XRP Radio have to offer!

With over 6,000 artists on our rota, it can be quite hard to specifically pick out a token band that to be honest, deserve a bit more recognition! But i shall endeavour to showcase a slice of what awesomeness XRP Radio have collected over the years, there will be old favourites, and new bangers for you to get your ears around!

so here we go!

Now, this weeks band is NO surprise, being notorious for being my favourite band, imma be a little biased, ok?


An electronic rock act from Derry/Londonderry, NI fronted by live wire Jilly St John. Energetic and enigmatic performances this act promise/deliver BAGS of attitude, HUGE riffs, DIRTY beats, & more hooks than you can shake a stick at!

Recently playing Glasgowbury festival Wylding currently have an awesome amount of media specifically on their facebook page that you should really check out from the show! As usual there are the usual photos of front woman Jilly looking phenomonal with some really artsy shots from the awesome ‘Bigbad Llama’.

I personally really respect Wyldling as a band, as i have followed them for the last 12 months or so, I have witnessed how much hard work and drive has gone into the band, making them especially deserving of winning the Sunset Island Music Award for best female this year!

Below are their next 3 dates, and also a link to listen to their music, i suggest you listen to ‘Friend’ i promise that you wont be disappointed!

Wyldling @ Stendhal Festival | Limavady 17/08/2013

Wyldling @ Gay Pride | Derry 22/08/2013

Wyldling @ Macfest | Ballymoney 24/08/2013
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