This weeks XRP Radio Top 10 are:
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↔ 1: Parallax Faction – Glasgow, UK – electronic prog punk

Music to make you have an opinion, be it good or bad, make sure you hear it and you have one! The new gossip ganda EP is a tremendously well put together piece of concept work with bits of everything from atmospheric production to well placed riffage, and poetic rap to well placed quotes.

⇈ 2: Swampstomper – Medway, UK – Punk

Swampstomper are without the most gritty, thrashy, shouty, chanty punk band there has ever been, or probably ever will be. Even if you’re a t-total-er you will end up wankered, in a dustbin, without remembering anything of your night and possibly with something of Billy Browns inside some oriphis after listening to this bunch of reprobates!

⇈ 3: Neverwhat – Co. Limerick, IRE – Alternative Rock

Solid played catchy soft rock to get you grooving. To far to run too is a beautifully crafted song with great vocal harmonies, soft drums and great guitar and bass lines to sooth the soul.

↓ 4: 24 Broken Amps – Dublin, IRE – Grunge

Gritty and dirty, this band are grundge but with such a strong riffs and beats feel they stand well out from the rest. This is no half arsed grundge, this is in your face blow your head of three times over grundge, and it tastes like mud.

↓ 5: MAN ON EARTH – New York City, USA – Rock

“Glistening, wide-open arena rock with spirited choruses and a charged romanticism.” – Bombs around me is renound to be the song that gets stick in all the XRPeoples heads. We know this no.1 spot was coming. Great music, well produced, well played and well written. One of the best ‘new’ rock bands we have ever come accross, and we expect this no.1 spot to stick for quite a while.

⇈ 6: Reckless Serenade – Mahopac, NY – Pop Punk

Strong pop punk indie sounds from this group, bearing on the heavier side, bring you great emotional tracks with massive sound. There music has been fantastically produced and everything about it is bang on the money.

↓7: Luis Drayton – New Forest, UK – Glam Punk

The new Rising Scum Album Release from Luis Drayton is not to be missed, fantastic punk orientated Glam Rock is a fantastically produced, catchy and well written piece of wonderfullness.
Get it now @

↓8: Billy Brown – Singer/Songwriter – Radlett, UK

The internet radio sensation Billy Brown is everywhere to be seen (well on our social media feeds anyway). One of the hardest working musicians in the unsigned and independent scene with fantastic well written deep and meaningful songs of love, loss and lack to match. Listen to him, your going to anyway, you just don’t know it yet.

↔ 9: The Lost Will Follow – Mount Ephraim, NJ – Indie

We love the lost will follow, well known on the internet radio circuit and a hard working band. Great indie/alt emotional music to pick you up, or open the tearducts. A repeat offender of the top 10 charts and with good reason.

↓10: Riot In Toytown – Melbourne, AUS – Melodic Hard Rock

What more can we say, the title says it all. Rock that intends to smash your head clean from your shoulders. You will always know you are listening to Riot in Toytown. And most likely if anyone within a 20 mile radius is too.

↔ Place Held

↓ Place Dropped

⇈ Strait In @

↑ Place Risen


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