Welcoming XSite Radio onto the XRP Radio Network 

Bringing us another 7 hours of LIVE HOSTED SHOWS every single Saturday from 01:00-08:00 UK TIME!

Featuring some great shows, from music to tech talk to banter and more!

Geek Speak TV – 

The definition of GEEK goes beyond comic books and computers. YOU are a geek because you have a passion for something regardless of what anyone else thinks! Whether we geek out over music and sports, art and film, or video games and anime… WE are all geeks. Let’s unite and speak the universal language.

Close to Nowhere – 

This show is dedicated to bringing the emerging artists of Australia, and indeed the rest of the world, to the attention of my eager listeners.

For too long unsigned, independent artists are left without airplay, even by stations that profess to be advocates for the grass-roots scene. Unless you know someone at the station or are already semi-famous you simply won’t get airplay – until Close to Nowhere came along.

Late Night with Laura Penn Happy Fun Time Hour Podcasts– 

The World is Listening. – Hip Hop, Drum and Bass, Electronic, Rock, Rap, RnB, Heavy Metal, Instrumental, Dance, Electro, EDM, Contemporary, Country, Reggae, – Multi-Genre, Original, Unsigned Artists Radio and Community.

Check it out @ www.XRPRadio.co.uk and tell us your favourite show!



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