Defy All Reason – Wrexham, UK – Heavy Rock / Southern Rock 

XRP Radio Says: We’ve been playing Defy All Reason for a while now, a fantastic southern rock style band which has few contenders. Up with the greats and worthy of anyone iPod, if you are a rocker, give this lot a go!

This year sees a fresh, determined focus for the 4 rockers from Wales! After an astounding start to 2013, Defy All Reason are on the up bringing a stronger and grittier edge to their playing which has seen the band explode onto the underground music world.

Defy All Reason bring big riffs, hard hitting drums, melodic story telling and good ole’ fashioned rock n roll to the ears of the astute music fan. True to their word, they produce a unique style and sound to what can only be described as hard, southern rock with a heavy groove. Defy All Reason show great depth in their writing ability and constantly push the boundaries with their energetic, fast paced live performances.

After receiving critical acclaim for their debut EP ‘Every Second Counts’ and rave reviews for their energetic and diverse live shows, Defy All Reason are always ready to leave their blood, sweat and tears on the stages of venues and festivals across the country. With their die hard attitude and hard working mentality, you’ll always remember the day you saw Defy All Reason! 

You can now purchase our debut EP, Every Second Counts, from iTunes:

Or buy from our online


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