Brand New Music from After The Departure, Anthems of Imperium, DeadRomeo, Jon Kennedy, KLANK, Lifecry, Night Wolf, Regulation Nine and possibly a LOAD of music that wasn’t ID3 tagged properly (if you’re a new artist to XRP, have received a submissions response and ARE NOT in this list get in touch.)

ALSO some of our FAVOURITE music from the submissions over the past month including Shatoo, WorkingProgress, Secrets For September, Daylight Industries, Brad Skinner, Midnight Mosaic, The Glade, JD Weaver, EightUp, Umbrella Bed, Vegas Death Rays, THE WILDE, Amelia Scalies – Singer Song Writer, Lucks Lane, Psychojet, XOVA, ErrorKode, El3ktrnx, Sound of the Sirens, Small Pond Big Fish and a few more.

Plus anything requested in the chatbox as we go along


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