↔ 1Tavú – San Juan, Puerto Rico – Metal 
HEAFTY. Aggressive as a bull with the whole team of manchester united lined up in front of him. With a more latin feel to metal we hear less with the genre moving to the post hardcore site. This lot bring it back, hard and in your face. This is intense, this is explosive, this is Tavú
↔ 2The Purge – Lincolnshire, UK – Metal/Punk 
The Purge are strait in at no.1 in this, our first of the BRAND NEW XRP TOP 10 shows after our change from the old format. Brutal and unyielding but bearing on the more punk side of metal, This band have managed to make aggression and catchy meet almost flawlessly. In the many lineup switches, name changes and a variation in the musical likes of the band you can hear has effected their music.

↑4 3: Small Pond Big Fish -London, UK – Alternate Rock 
A stand out rock band, well produced and composed great anthems with a fantastic vocalist. Creeping up our top 10 charts at a very fast rate, are they destined for the top? We think a couple more tunes and some awesome production they will be. A must hear band.
↔ 4: Candela – Brighton, UK – Funk/Rock 
A never disappoint funk rock band of the best caliber. Beats solid and flawless, beautiful bass grooves and the tightest of rhythm guitars under a gritty funk vocal makes for a neck cricking audible delight that is akin, but not a copy, of early chill peppers.

↓2 5Reckless Serenade – Mahopac, NY – Pop/Punk 
Catchy pop/punk on the more aggressive, even post-hardcore side whilst keeping a memorable sound and fun feel/hooks. We could easily see this band alongside the MCR’s of the world in a few years time.

 6: Halo Tora – Glasgow – Alt/Post Rock

Absolutely epic rock music of the most gigantic proportions, massive dynamics, crazy production, the most perfect timing and riffs as if they have been created by gods themselves. Solid as a bag full of bricks and with more interesting twists and turns than the last harry potter book, these will make any dreary journey an interesting one. GET IT ON YER IPOD

↑1 7: Vendetta V – Yerevan, Armenia – Prog/Metal/Shred 
Vendetta V can only be described as a genius of guitar composition and second to few guitarist. Stunning solos, shocking riffs and jaw droopingly screaming effects used with perfect precision create a beautiful end result that incurs intrigue and enjoyment through every turn of your musical journey.

↓2 8Parallax Faction – Glasgow, UK- Electro Prog/Punk 
One of the few bands to claim the old ONE MONTH @ NO 1 Trophy. This band pull together not only some of the most interesting and intriguing tracks, but also some of the deepest and most effecting lyrics we have ever heard. Not only a musical revolution but a lyrical revolution.

↑23 9: EightUp– Des Moines, Iowa – Grundge/Rock

A grudgey rock feel but with great fun upbeat lyrics. Raw guitars and tight drums with a gritty gotty bass make for a beautifully tight yet filthy sound and the vocals smush it all together into something wonderful. Soon to be featured in the XRPRadio compilations Turn Her On is played and requested repeatedly in the XRP chatbox, if you haven’t heard it, download it, ask for it, whatever you do, get it in yer ears.
↓5 10Luis Drayton – New Forest, UK – Glam/Punk 
He’s here again, he’s not going anywhere. Luis Drayton is probably the artist that has appeared not just most frequently but also most subsequently in our top 10 charts. From 10 – 1 he’s been at all the spots. A great new direction to his music bringing a kind of glam punk feel to the scene. One things for sure, you’re never bored with Luis.

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