“XRP has played several Chip Shop Charlie songs and shown support for our music. The online forum is a great place to chat to other musicians and the dj. This gives instant feedback and a great environment to chat with like minded individuals. Go Tizzy and the rest of the team. Keep up the great work.”

– Kevin Lehane, Chip Shop Charlie

“Well to me XRP has given an outlet for musicians to get themselves out there without the stress of trying to be signed up by a big label first. Which can only be a good thing.” 
– William Mackellar, LARDTEAMAKER in the chat

“Since submitting my music to XRP Radio it has been given airplay to thousands of listeners across the globe, this in turn has given me more of the confidence i need to get my stuff out there to the masses. Thanks Guys and Girls…. Much appreciated. Keep up the good work :)” 
– Allyn Nichols, Sober Mans Secret

“XRP Radio : A superb radio station out of Birmingham (UK) -Incorporating as a speciality Independent Rock,Folk,Pop, Jazz,Soul,Blues and everything else inbetween. “
– Aja Kav Allsop, Ketch A Vibe Show

“The best djs, brilliant music, great banter…. should be made a mandatory listen! love all the XRPeeps! x”
– Mark Paton, Mak Bullak

“XRP are a bunch of idiots who i’ve managed to fool into thinking my music is good.”

“It didn’t take much effort I’ll be honest… anyone could do it and get some free promo i bet.”

Followed by – ‎”They even claim to love me, they don’t even realise i’ve duped them after I say it to their faces” Big love nick 😉 ❤

-Nick Lucas, Veranova

“Thanks for the shout out and play the other day for MISSED YOU AT THE SHOW – it was a big help! Perhaps we can do more? x”



– Aaron Colton, Missed You At The Show

“XRP have proved themselves to be true chameleons when it comes to their media servics. Their radio community is thriving, bringing together artists and listeners 24 hours a day. They are always on hand to promote and plug bands, and continuously reach out to get new bands involved in various projects. Good work guys!”
– Alexandra Slawinski, Occoeur

“XRP are friendly, fun and down to earth people, they did a geat job providing great unsigned music and a PA System for our event and went out of their way to help us.”
– Jamie Chapman, Birmingham Zombie Walk Organiser

“If the queen does birthday honours for radio stations then XRP should be knighted for there services to music !… always at shows.. always willing to help out bands as best they can and always playing the best in unsigned music… a genuine nice friendly crewe to work with. Keep it up you guys !” 
– Aaron Orme, Only The Good

“XRP means making new friends and enjoying working your arse off, just to see the smiles on peoples faces upon delivery of service!”
– Ree Gare, XRP Photography + Press

 “agree with @Ree Gare :D”
– Leemus

“Mad love for XRP. You lot gave me my first ever radio plays and that kickstarted me with confidence to make more music. Genuine good people with good attitudes, keep doing your thing! xx”
– Dylan Kemal, Dizzy D/DFK/Dizz

“Always feel very welcomed when signed on to the XRP site 🙂 It’s great to have really open minded people out there mixing things up with many varying genres and styles played back to back, and of course spreading the love for the many unsigned/independent artists out there!”
– Tom Silas, SILAS

“XRP radio is the perfect way for unsigned bands to get their music heard by new people and create new fans. Its been a perfect way for my band to get some more followers and more plays and we are hugely grateful for the support they have showed us. A radio station that plays excellent new unsigned music and also a great bunch of people as well! I suspect them to continue to grow and become a big name in the unsigned world of music!”
– Euan Stewart, Academy Strangers

“everything is great and getting much better day after day…that’s an honor being part of this. Thank you!!!”
– Chuck Eaton

“There was a time when stations played all kind of music so you could hear something unexpected. That is what makes XRP exciting-you don’t know what to expect. They play my music and I am very grateful but even better they turn me on to music I never would have heard otherwise. This is the new virtual underground and it’s a cool scene!”
– Alton Simpson, I.F.U.3 Heads Productions

“Known the guys for about 2 years now, so far they’re been very helpful and always play a song that is submitted, they even were so kind and welcoming when i went in to the studio for a live interview and always plays real SONGS by real BANDS and real MUSICIANS that need the exposure to get started in the music industry.”
– Tom Ellingworth, From The Sticks

“We need independent Dj’s like Tizzy Shearer and Glenn Mcdougall to promote really independent music. Both Tizzy and Glenn have very eclectic tastes and play a wide variety of music. If you are an independent band or musician, I strongly recommend you submit your work to XRP!!!”

– Toska Wilde

“You are a great station doing it for the love of it and nothing else! keep it up! thanks for supporting us all x”

– Amy Daniels Bevan, El Wristo

“The best, most beautiful and talented people i have ever had the luck to have as my friends. Knowing all of the bands, artists, producers and promoters that have been involved has not only given me hours of enjoyment through listening to amazing music you cant hear anywhere else, but also made my life more interesting, less significant, stupidly hectic, and part of something that isn’t mine, g’s, ree’s or XRP as a company. This is all of us, combined, to take on the industry! and that’s what we call a revolution!”
– Tizzy, XRP

“What does XRP mean to me? Hell, it’s what keeps me going with this “music” thing I’m doing… :)”
– Luis Drayton

“With the 2012 Olympics acting as such an inspiration, providing much-needed, positive role models for the UK’s multi-cultural youngsters, there is also a new spirit of youthful entrepreneurism riding the wave. XRP Radio and its new creative hub has an energy and spirit which mirrors the Olympian Zeitgeist; benefitting the community and providing hope and inspiration for creative kids during these difficult economic times.”
– Steve Swindells 

“It’s a great social station where you feel like you know the hosts well. And a great chance to hear real music again.”
– Fin Henderson, Palms13

“XRP gives is an unrelenting juggernaut of wondrous sonic vibrations. Proper music, made by, listened to and broadcasted by people that give a damn, sticking it to the man on a tireless quest of getting the music out there that actually matters and will stand the test of time. Bosh.”
– Joe Inkpen, The Blissful MopThe Mop CollectiveDa MushroomsSpyplane…….and a million other things….

“Of all the radio stations that I have listened to, XRP is undoubtedly one of them.”
– Nick Curtis, FirstBorn Heroes – not a truer word has been spoken.

“What can I say? The whole XRP set up inspired me to get involved and help. Now we work together to make both businesses grow. The team believe in what they do and their enthusiasm shows. I hope we work together for a long time to come.”
– Simon Altham, ELT Records

“for indie artist that having a hard time to get out there! XRP radio is very good showing love to artist all across the world! artist need all the press they need!”

– Quinton Hatfield, Q The QuestionSKE Records


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